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Greg Goebel

Greg Goebel

President | DealerStrong

Greg Goebel is the President of DealerStrong and the author of “The Complete Guide to Special Finance.” He’s the previous CEO of Auto Dealer Monthly and is a regular contributor to Auto Dealer Monthly magazine, addressing the needs of the Special Finance community.

Goebel has extensive experience in the subprime sector. His dealerships first began utilizing Special Finance in 1990 and delivered over 11,000 subprime deals. His retail background also includes owning Buick, Pontiac, GMC and Hyundai franchises, and independent dealerships. This included one dealership dedicated solely to the Buy-Here Pay-Here market segment. He also owned and operated multiple stand alone automotive service facilities.

Goebel continues to train dealers, vendors, and companies in special finance. He moderates a 20 group for NCM Associates and consults and coaches auto dealers that want to strengthen their operations and accelerate their growth. His insights and attention to market trends in the automotive space make him a reliable resource for many industry publications and a recognized dealer expert witness.

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