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Jason Winchester

Jason Winchester

Vice President of Operations | Warranty Solutions

Jason has been with Warranty Solutions over 23 years and has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Prior to joining Warranty Solutions, Jason worked as an ASE Certified Technician and Service Manager. In 1994 Jason joined Warranty Solutions as a Claims Adjuster. During his career, he has held various roles within Warranty Solutions. Currently he serves as the Vice President of Operations. Throughout his career, Jason has enjoyed the opportunity to build relationships with all of the Warranty Solutions agent partners and dealers across the country. His engaging management approach helps team members develop and achieve their goals. Outside of work, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife Vicki, their two kids (Macy and Jace), and two new puppies. They are highly involved in youth sports activities with Jason serving as a volunteer coach for his son’s football, baseball and basketball teams. On the rare occasion when there is any other free time, Jason tries to sneak in a few rounds of golf.

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