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Cindy Allen

Cindy Allen

CEO | StoneEagle F&I

Core Professional Purpose: Building companies that people LOVE to work at, that people and companies LOVE to do business with, and that make a healthy profit for their owners/investors.

Cindy has held various entrepreneurial and career roles, ranging from startup technical design and development to leading an organization through significant growth and acquisition and even C-level leadership at a Fortune 500 company as the Chief Marketing Officer at American Express Global Business Travel.

Cindy got her start in the F&I world back in the mid 1990’s as she helped architect and develop our industry’s first internet integrations directly into a TPA administration system, enabling real-time online product rating, lookups, and cancellation quotes directly from administrative systems to an end user.  She was instrumental in developing and launching StoneEagle F&I’s Metrics solution, which is currently supporting 5500 dealerships across the country. During this time, she had the privilege of leading the team for almost 15 years.

After a 10-year stint in the business travel technology sector, Cindy is back home in the Automotive industry and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of StoneEagle F&I, after its creation from the merger of StoneEagle Inc. and F&I Admin in February of 2019.

Cindy has a passion for starting and scaling up businesses, customer service, building partnerships, and challenging the status quo through innovative thinking and strategic execution.

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