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David Trinder

David Trinder

Executive Director | StoneEagle F&I

StoneEagle F&I, Inc. (SEFI), the industry leader in F&I product administration and dealer reporting. SEFI was formed with the recent merger of F&I Administration Solutions, LLC and StoneEagle, Inc. SEFI offers tools for every stage in the F&I lifecycle, providing everything F&I administrators and dealers need to maximize revenue and grow profits.

The SEcureAdmin and pureFI administration platforms are used by 90+ F&I administrators and together manage over 8 million new F&I contracts per year. SEcureMetrics, SEFI's dealer reporting tool, is in use today across more than 5,000 dealers, with more coming online every week. The recently released SEcureMetrics Service option offers tailored analytics to drive fixed-ops performance. Dealers also benefit from SEcureMenu, the most effective tool for powerful, intuitive, user-friendly F&I sales presentations.

Before taking on the Executive Director role, David was the CEO of F&I Administration Solutions, LLC. Previously he served as Senior Vice President, Network Solutions at Dealertrack, Inc.

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