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Arden Hetland

Arden Hetland

President & CEO | American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc. and American Financial Warranty Corporation

Arden Hetland is the President and Chief Executive Officer of American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc. and American Financial Warranty Corporation. The American Financial companies provide comprehensive development and administrative services as well as a full portfolio of Finance & Insurance (F&I) products to maximize dealership profits. The Automotive Training Academy (ATA), a division of American Financial, complements these offerings by preparing automotive professionals for the demands of the industry. Currently American Financial partners with over 1,000 dealerships nationwide.

After graduating from North Dakota State University, Mr. Hetland began his automotive career. He held multiple positions within the retail automotive business including Salesman, F&I Manager, and Sales Manager. Mr. Hetland left the retail side of the automotive industry and pursued a new opportunity with World Service Life. During his eight years with World Service Life, he won numerous sales awards which included Sales Person of the Year three different times. Mr. Hetland was then promoted to Vice President and Director of the Auto Services Group, and was then named Senior Vice President of Credit Insurance Sales. In 1986, World Service Life merged with American National Insurance Company and Mr. Hetland proceeded to become the Vice President of Insurance Marketing for the third largest insurance company in the country.

In 1991, Mr. Hetland made the decision to form his own company and incorporated American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc. Through exceptional customer service and only the highest standards of integrity, morals, and ethics, he has led American Financial to become the industry leader in F&I development. Due to this, the American Financial companies have received multiple endorsements from both state and metro associations. In addition, American Financial continues to receive top industry recognition and has been presented with numerous Dealers’ Choice Awards.

For over 40 years, Mr. Hetland has been dedicated to enhancing the professional image of the automotive industry. As a founding member of the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals (AFIP) he made sure that American Financial was the first company to have their entire field force AFIP certified. Mr. Hetland has strengthened the ethics and compliance within the automotive industry by assisting with the development of the ACE certification program. Today, American Financial is regarded as the foremost authority on dealership compliance.

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